• Electric Breast Pump D-112

    • Electric breast pump is a double electric breast pump at an affordable price , converging many advanced features, popular in the market.
    • Easy to use to ensure an abundant milk supply for the baby – stimulate milk production – avoid clogged milk ducts – prevent breast cancer
    • Not only using direct power, the electric breast pump can double Connect to a computer, power your phone with a USB cable.
    • Electric breast pump breast pump powerful breast pump tool for mothers.
      MULTI-WAY SPIN technology to help drain breast milk
    • Smooth, Suitable for All Breasts
    • Different from all types of hand suction machines, SMOOTHLY distributed suction force MASSAGE AND Stimulating MILK PROGRAMS TO WORK GOOD BEST .
    • Superior design for milk to flow directly from the funnel into the milk bottle to ensure maximum hygiene Compact design, easy to carry when mothers go to work Limit and minimize the problem of BOILING
  • Natur Manual Breast Pump

    Natur silicone rubber breast pump 

    • It is designed to support breastfeeding.
    • Suitable for mothers who are unable to breastfeed directly.
    • It can pump and store milk in the bottle to feed the baby.
    • Easy to use, the pump funnel is snug-fitting on the mother’s breast.
    • Helps to pump out the milk well. effective
  • Fisher Price Breast Pump Manual

    • Breast pump
    • Brand: Fisher Price
    • Color: red
    • Contain: pump head, feeding bottle, nipple, bottle cap
    • BPA FREE material: PP-Polypropylene, Stainless
  • Electric Breast Pump TT 423620

    • Pump whenever and where ever
    • USB Rechargeable
    • Quietly confident
    • Patented Silicone Cup
    • Hygienic – No Backflow
  • Manual Breast Pump TT 223246

    • Manual breast pump.
    • Specially shaped to fit women’s hands – the narrow neck and curved handle are specially shaped to fit women’s hands, meaning less power is required to use your pump which reduces the strain on your hand.
    • Gentle on Breast- soft, cushioned silicone cup that’s gentle on breasts.
    • Compact, discreet and quiet to use – express yourself how and where you choose.
    • Portable – Ideal for travel and quick and often expression.
    • Easy to use – get comfy, put the silicone cup onto your breast and gently squeeze the handle to start pumping.
  • Single Silicone Breast Pump TT 223230

    • 3 in 1 use as a pump, as a let-down catcher or to provide relief to engorged breasts
    • Gentle on mum – low-pressure suction pump helps draw milk from breasts without discomfort
    • Made from 100% food grade silicone – BPA, PVC and phthalate-free
    • Fully portable – pop it into its travel steriliser bag for on-the-go expressing
    • Hands free – use as a let-down aid, collect your precious milk whilst nursing your baby on the opposite breast
    • Simple and compact – one-piece cord free design, no tubes or motors
    • Clear measurements – to help you monitor your milk expression
    • Easy to clean – one-piece silicone pump, no fiddly parts, suitable for hand wash and sterilisation
  • Breast Pump

    • Safe and easy to use
    • Applicable to most breast sizes
    • Horn and sucking ball are sterilize-able
  • Gomini Electric Breast Pump Single

    • Compact and light for easy carry and store
    • Similar in size to a mobile phone
    • Intuitive operation for quick set up and use
    • Anti-slip surface for a comfortable hold
    • Simple switch between stimulation and expression modes
    • 5 different expression modes for pumping flexibility.
    • Use with Pigeon wide or slim neck bottles.
    • DC power or USB option
  • Philips AVENT Natural Double Elec. Breast Pump Ultra Comfort – SCF334/31

    Philips AVENT Natural Double Electrical Breast Pump

    • Natural
    • Includes 2x 4oz feeding bottles
  • Philips AVENT pump, store, feed & care all-in-one set (SCD292/31)

    More Milk Pump, Feed & Store Naturally With Maximum Comfort

    Natural single electric Pump all-in-one set

    • Express, store, feed and care
    • Includes soft massage cushion
    • 2 Bottles and 10 storage cups
    • Nipple protectors and cream
  • Philips AVENT Natural Single Electric Breast Pump Ultra comfort – SCF332/31

    More Milk Naturally With Maximum Comfort

    Single electric breast pump with massage cushion

    • Pump anytime, anywhere
    • Includes soft massage cushion
    • Natural bottle and teat
  • Philips Avent Natural II Electric Breast Pump Single – SCF301/01

    Effective Milk Expression with Maximum Convenience and Comfort

    • Includes one 4oz/120ml bottle
  • Philips AVENT Comfort Manual Breast Pump (Natural Range) (SCF330/20)

    More Milk Naturally With Maximum Comfort

    Lightweight Design

    The breast pump is a compact design which makes it easier to position. The uniquely designed handle makes milk expressing comfortable and controllable.

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